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In Memory Of Michelle Buchanan

It is with deepest sympathy we announce that fellow Duck Diva, Michelle Buchanan earned her wings and won her battle with Cancer on August 26th, 2018.

Between shedding tears and smiling, I’m not sure where to begin. As I sit at my desk and think back over the years I have known Michelle Buchanan, I shed tears because you are gone, but yet I smile inside because I know where you are – with the Lord.

As many of you have already testified and shared to what a wonderful friend and caring woman this beautiful lady was, and the only word I keep coming back to in my mind to is: SERVANT.

I have had the pleasure and honor of working side-by-side with this young lady since October 2016. Michelle was a very hard working sales agent in our industry, but more importantly, she sold herself to the duty and service for others in our community by donating her time, energy, and money to worthy causes. Last August, for example, Michelle closed a sale for a veteran who had moved here to our town. He had no family or friends living here and had a hard time getting around physically. Michelle immediately used her organizational talents and recruited help for the veteran. She consistently served to remind me and my team that people are watching us in our chosen profession. Michelle clearly promoted our organization in good stead and held herself to the highest standards in everything she did. Michelle was honored with our 2017 Rookie of the Year award and also earned the Rising Star award. Michelle had a servant’s heart in everything she did both professionally and personally.

Many times, Michelle would come into my office and just sit and talk – usually after she had gotten in trouble with Hannah about her paperwork. You see, being the “Boss Lady” is not often fun, but Michelle and I shared a mutual respect – one that was magnified humorously when I ran interference for her over Hannah and her “paperwork” . On several occasions, Michelle would just stop and pray with me during difficult days. I will miss those prayers, but I will think of Michelle when I pray alone. Michelle was not only my co-worker, she was my dear friend. Michelle was God-fearing, faithful, and full of compassion for others. When she arrives in Heaven and sits at the right hand of God, I know He will tell her: Well done, my faithful servant. In the midst of her sickness and fear, she was always optimistic, strong, and courageous; you never heard her complain. Michelle, you were a blessing in my life – and the lives of many others both in our industry and community. Your testimony is an amazing one and it will be remembered and carried on every day by the people with whom you touched. You will always be my #1 Courageous “DuckDiva” and our guardian angel. Rest in Peace, my sweet girl, and until we meet again: We love you!

P.S. You better have some mansions sold when us other Duck Divas get there!!

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Our prayers, love and condolences to John, kids, and the family. May God Bless you all in the days ahead.

LeAnn Duckworth, Duckworth Properties Sales Team, and Staff